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The Life-Changing Experience That Motivated Me To Invest In Foreclosures

My beginnings in foreclosure investing trace back to 1995. I had just graduated from Liberty High School in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and life was good. My parents had just completed a custom-built home in the North End of Colorado Springs (which they live in now), and I was set to go to college. But the excitement for the future afforded my family from my father’s high-paying position with the telecom company MCI quickly turned to dread and uncertainty as the advent of the cellular phone eliminated the long distance plans that companies like AT&T and MCI had profited from for years.

In short order, my father was laid off from his job, leaving my parents facing the possibility of having the home they had just built go into foreclosure. Now, what If my parents had bought a foreclosure and fixed it up instead of building a custom home? The stress of watching my parents nearly lose their home to foreclosure had a massive effect on me. I promised myself I would never put myself in that situation, and it taught me at a young age the importance of buying under-priced real estate assets to avoid being over-leveraged.

Had my parents been more informed, they could have fixed up a foreclosure, been able to sell it at-profit, and could have possibly bought an even nicer home in the 2000 dot com bubble when the market bottomed out. Fortunately, you have access to information that would have changed my family’s lives, and I want to share it with you so you can make the best life for you and yours!


Donny Coram


Motivated by the birth of his first daughter in 2004, Donny Coram made a commitment to provide his family with a life defined by possibilities. Recognizing his job as a software salesman offered little outside the perceived stability of 9-to-5 living, he set out to rebrand himself as a real estate investor. After finding a great coach and flipping over 100 houses before obtaining his real estate license during the mortgage crisis in 2008, Donny would go on to master the art of finding, funding, fixing, and flipping foreclosures deals in his Colorado Springs market. But he didn’t stop there. As his knowledge and profile grew, Donny became inspired to share his skills with people who like him, had a strong desire to invest in real estate and the dedication to make their dreams into reality. Having completed over 300 flips and helping multiple colleagues build 7-figure net worths through investing in real estate with him, Donny’s now on a mission to help YOU flip your first deal with a guarantee of at least $10,000 equity when you’re finished.